Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sins of the forefathers ( of Science )

The Earth and Moon must be in freefall because Sir Isaac Newton says it supports his theory of gravity so the universe has to be expanding as well, because Newton's theory of gravity requires that the universe is in freefall and therefore expanding. I wonder if there isn't a connection between voyager 1 re-emerging into the solar system the time of which would have to be around the time of the death of Sir Patrick Moore, Sir Isaac Newton's theory of gravity and the Newtown shootings.
Sir Isaac Newton ( SIN ) saw an apple ( a symbol of sin ), and then saw the Moon ( called Sin by the Babylonians and others ). To sin is to err.

The MADness of the queer of tarts

Madonna - Open Your Heart review

After a subliminal intro of "WABADAAA !" sounding like some martial arts movie sample, Madonna sings full-throatedly about how some guy who doesn't fancy her ( and rightly so, as she is like an ancient hag in a younger woman's ( crap ) body ) should open his arse to her.

HEART = ARSE in pop songs, as EYE / EYES = ARSE and KEY = COCK.

Belching out 'you turn the key' obviously shows that she wants the guy / victim to volunteer to take a cock up his arse / eye. This whole song 'Open Your Heart' refers to the system where a boy / man is broken before being turned into a gay proper ( as in homosexual ). The guy has been pushed to the rejected and depressed stage ( presumably by MAD's minions ) where MADonna wants to break him into becoming a proper bo'mmer.

The madness of the queen of hearts
The MADoness of the queer of tarts
The MADeness of the queen of farts

2001 - David Bowieman exposed

David Bowman = David boyman. David is to divide, so Divide BoyMan

David Bowman represents the divide between boy and man. He enters the monolith as a boy ( in terms of human perception ) , ends his time in the monolith as an old man ( although still a boy in terrms of human perception / experience as everything is catered for ), and is reborn as a higher lifeform but still protected from the environment by a shell.

Between 2001 and 2010 the child is probably more of a spirit of Saturn invading Earth.The monolith was floating near Saturn in the book of 2001 by Arthur C. Clarke, they changed the location to Jupiter ( JewPeter ) in the moo-V ( movie ) probably to please the people who financed the mooV.

This demonic child of Saturn (possibly Satan) possesses someone on Earth for 9 years, and then announces to the Queen ( the governing body on the planet that you viewer think is his mum ) his emergence ( his claim to the throne ). When ( schizo man / divide ) David is asked politely what his intention is, he bluffingly says 'something wonderful'.

Wonderful for whom, eh eh??

Of course with a name of David, he probably doesn't know what is going on and he's bound to be a fraud or spy on someone who is closer to God ( Satan as God ). However as David Goyman came from JewPeter in the movie, not Saturn, David has told the whole world that he is a Jew, or Jewschild.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The black and white sun

The difference between a freemason and a mason

The original mason according to the tradition of masons is Hiram Abif, who was slain by his three brothers. Masons and freemasons refer to themselves as brothers, regardless of whether they are male or female and free masons often refer to themselves as masons even though free masons and masons are different. It isn't told whether Hiram Abif was a mason and his three brothers were freemasons, however as the three brothers slew Hiram Abif for not giving them the secret of masonry, it would appear that Hiram Abif was a mason and his three brothers were freemasons. It could be that the existence of a soul is the difference between freemasons and masons, the soul is the prize that the freemasons desire.

The three brothers, also referred to as enemies of Hiram Abif are representations of ignorance, fanaticism and tyranny. They are also known as the three unworthy craftsmen.
Hmm, I have three brothers

(General) Zod = tyranny
Ursa = fanaticism

Non = ignorance

When combined Zod, Ursa, Non are the black ZUN. The black Zun is the black sun which has be overcome to become the true sun / son / Zun.
Zun by complete chance, also happens to be the name of the sole known member of Team Shanghai Alice. Zun is the designer, programmer, script writer, and composer of the Touhou Project series. The Touhou Project series features a lot of girls. Girls, not women. In the media, girls represent innocence, for instance the girl character of Alice in the Alice in wonderland stories represents innocence. Any stories about the Alice stories being a metaphor for child rape speak only about the perverted nature of people who craft such fantasies.

Innocence is clothed in white, which is why white is worn at weddings. Innocence is about not giving in to temptation or becoming a irremediable pervert or deviant. The allegorical goal is to become like the white sun, which is attained through growth away from the black sun. The black sun can also be thought of as the earth / the Earth, as the earth nurtures that which exists on and through its surface night and day. This is why the planet Earth is called such, in truth this planet Earth has no name.

References :
Hiram Abif
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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pope Emperor Pendragon Dungeon Mosster

This was originally a post on put on the facebook wall of Douglas Dietrich

Court Restores Murder Conviction Of Man In Marin Pendragon Cult

There was a book about the same topic (a clandestine game of Dungeons and Dragons goes out of control, and someone is nearly murdered as one of the teenagers thinks he is Muggot, Marduk or something). Published in the 1980s or 1990s.

Tragically, this didn't happen in an episode of The IT crowd, but it may have been a reference. The clip shown from The IT crowd titled : The IT Crowd ~ Role play with Moss

Moss (the one wearing glasses in the IT crowd clip) is assuming the role of Dungeon Master, usually referred to as DM. DM always reminded me of Satan in the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series.  Clip from Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series - It has come to this... 

The emblem that Dungeon Master wears in the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series :

Is a concealed and vertically flipped version of this image : 

Pontificia Academia Scientifica

More modern version :
The Pontifical Academy of Sciences
(Latin Pontificia Academia Scientiarum)

Some variations :

Coat of Arms of His Holiness Benedict XVI
Flag of Vatican City state
The facial comparisons between Pope Benedict XVI and the Emperor in the Star Wars movies have been publicised already.

The initials DM remind me of prominent Scientologists David Meyer and David Miscavige
David Meyer - Scientology Service Completions
David Miscavige (Scientology)

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Court Restores Murder Conviction Of Man In Marin Pendragon Cult
The IT Crowd - Role play with Moss
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Pontifical Academy of Sciences
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David Miscavige (Scientology)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Julian Assange wikileaks

Julian Assange and wikileaks OR Jew lying Ass angel and his wiliLeaks I've been told sarcastically, probably since before wikileaks was launched that Julian Assange is so controversial he used the IT department at his last job to help him set up a wikileaks network prototype, and tested it out at work. He fed the wikileaks network prototype actual data used in his so shocking website when it went online publically. There were 'secret' papers lyng all over his area that anyone could read and add to. Julian AssAnge(l) was fed a lot of information at work to use for his wikileaks site, and trained for his position of shock expose artist at his job as well. He also probably got most of the wikileaks staff from this last job. I also got the impression that he was a whiny playboy-wannabee with a chip on his shoulder. Julian Assange is for people who like soap operas, sort of like Clark Kents' offical capacity at the daily bugle in Superman. In a similar way that Clark Kent was really there to ensure that the Daily Bugle never exposed him as Superman, so is wikileaks with its figurehead of Julian Assange there to entertain the mass people with office gossip stories that still never hit targets of any importance.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Japanese whispers

This blog was originally a facebook post concerning my upload : Demon Lord Dante - Sodom and Gomorrah

Demon Lord Dante was quite a technical trial for a starter, as the show had two layers of subtitles and two layers of audio. One had been embedded into the mkv (audio/video) codec, and the other layer had a tendency to come out in Russian. So I had to remove both, extract one, convert and recombine that one (the nice looking and english subtitle) with the japanese audio. Then it was simply a case of trimming the video before finally encoding. This is the only way to watch anime; original audio and english subtitles. Japanese can be translated into English multiple ways - more verbose is generally more accurate. The 'engrish' lol dubbed versions are infamous, low brow for American / western consumption en mass - poor voice acting, emotionally weak and probably contra-programming to the shows' original intention as they deviate so greatly from subtitled translations. You are better off downloading 'fansub' versions of anime as they do not generally suffer from self-censorship (hangups) that official subbed versions can do sometimes. For an example of the differences between US and original :

Bastardization just about sums it up

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Recommended ancillary references


Lloyd Alexander : Chronicles of Prydain series
Isaac Amisov : Foundation saga, robots saga
Gregory Dale Bear : Blood Music
Philip Kindred Dick : The Collected Short Stories of Philip K Dick, etc
Thomas Michael Disch : The prisoner, etc
Stephen Reeder Donaldson : The Gap series and Thomas Covenant series, etc
Eric Rucker Eddison : The Worm Ouroborus
Harry Harrison : The Stainless Steel Rat saga, Deathworld series, etc
Frank Herbert : The Dune series, The Green Brain, etc
Robert Ervin Howard : All
Lafeyette Ronald Hubbard : Mission Earth, etc
Howard Philips Lovecraft : All
Brian Lumley : Necroscope saga and Cthulhu Cycle Deities novels, etc
Michael John Moorcock : The Eternal Chaampion saga, etc
Robert Silverberg : All
Clifford Donald Simak : All
Terence Hanbury White : The Sword in the Stone
Samael Youd (aka John Christopher) : The Tripods trilogy

Graphic Novels

Roman Dirge : All
Pat Mills : All
Jhonen Vasquez : All


Control Factor
Cube 2 : Hypercube
Demon Seed
Dark Star
Hellsing (and Hellsing Ultimate)
Hostel part 2
Phantasm 1 2 3 and 4
Rise of the planet of the apes
Possession (1981)
Megami Tensei Anime OVA
Space Battleship Yamato (2010)
Superman I II and III
Transformers Revenge of the fallen
The Black Hole
The Final Programme
The Forbidden Kingdom
The Forbidden Planet
The Holy Mountain
The Mummy 3
The Orphanage


3D Coat
Autodesk 3DS Max
Blender 3d
Comic rack
Daemon Tools
Silo 3d
Unreal Development Kit
Winamp media player

Friday, 16 March 2012

The uncanny adventure of Anders Breivik

Compare the faces of the front man / master gunner in the main picture 'Gun salute marks The Queen's Diamond Jubilee' and that of Anders Breivik in 'Breivik appears in Oslo court'.
BBC News frontpage on 6th February 2012
Notice even the facial hair on Anders is such that it resembles the chin strap on the front man (master gunner) in the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery.
Closer comparison of heads
References :
Norway shooter Anders Breivik appears in court in Norway
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